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Introducing Zac Straker: A Dominant Force for the Panthers in 2024!

The Morningside Panthers proudly welcome Zac Straker to their ranks, heralding the arrival of a seasoned and versatile player with an impressive track record. Straker, who previously showcased his talents with the Cairns Saints, brings a wealth of experience and skill to the Panthers' forward line.

Having enjoyed three stellar seasons as a dominant key forward with the Cairns Saints, Straker's journey to Morningside began when he made the move north from Parkdale in the VAFA. His impact on the field is undeniable, especially as a strong contested marking key forward. In 2022, Straker demonstrated his scoring prowess by notching an impressive 76 goals, a testament to his goal-scoring ability and reliability in front of the posts.

The 2023 season saw Straker continue his goal-scoring exploits, adding another 42 goals to his tally. What sets him apart is his versatility, as he seamlessly transitioned between his role as a key forward and contributing valuable minutes in the midfield. This adaptability speaks volumes about Straker's all-around capabilities and his potential to influence the game in various positions.

Zac Straker's impact extends beyond club football, as evidenced by his stellar performances in representative games with the All Stars and NQ teams. These showcases not only underscore his individual talents but also highlight his ability to shine on a broader stage, showcasing his skills and versatility against top-tier competition.

As the Panthers look forward to the 2024 season, the addition of Zac Straker is met with enthusiasm and anticipation. His proven ability to dominate in the forward line and contribute meaningfully in the midfield sets the stage for exciting times ahead. The Panthers, adorned with the iconic red, white and black, are poised to benefit from Straker's experience and prowess, as the Club aim for success in the upcoming season.

Welcome to the Panther family, Zac Straker! The fans eagerly await the thrill and excitement you bring to the field.

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