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Empowering Women in AFL: Morningside Panthers Journey with Downtown Toyota

In a great step towards female empowerment in sport, we, the Morningside Panthers, are thrilled to announce our exciting new collaboration with Downtown Toyota. Together, we're embarking on an exciting venture to launch our AFL Women’s Excellence Program that develops our next generation of Aussie Rules women.


For over seven decades, the Club has been dedicated to developing the next generation of Queensland talent. Our enthusiasm to nurturing talent and fostering inclusivity has been at the core of everything we do. Now, with the steadfast support of Downtown Toyota—a partnership spanning an impressive 38 years—we're poised to champion the future of women in AFL.

Reflecting on this transformative partnership, we're honoured to have Liam Gaskin, Principal of Downtown Toyota, by our side. He shares, "The Panthers' commitment to excellence and empowerment aligns perfectly with our values. We're excited to join forces in shaping a brighter future for women in AFL."

Central to our shared vision is the AFL Women’s Excellence Program—a pioneering initiative designed to provide comprehensive support for female athletes in AFL. From training to education and leadership development, this program aims to break down barriers and create an environment where female talent can flourish.

Paul Mazoletti, our Club Chairman, underscores the program's significance, declaring, "This program is about more than just football—it's about empowering women to become leaders both on and off the field. With the steadfast support of Downtown Toyota, we're ready to take our Morningside girls to the next level of their development."

We invite you to delve deeper into our journey by watching our exclusive video interview with Downtown Toyota, where we discuss the significance of this partnership and the transformative impact of the Panthers AFL Women’s Excellence Program. Click here to watch the video now: Empowering Women in AFL: The Morningside Panthers' Journey with Downtown Toyota.

The recent launch event for the Women’s AFL Excellence Program was a testament to our community's unwavering enthusiasm and support. Community members, local officials, and sports enthusiasts gathered to celebrate this milestone, highlighting the profound impact of this partnership on aspiring female athletes.

Looking ahead, we're gearing up for our upcoming participation in the Bond University QAFLW competition in 2025. Beyond the thrill of competing at the highest level, this endeavour represents our collective commitment to building a legacy of empowerment, resilience, and community spirit.

As we prepare to take the field, we send many thanks to Downtown Toyota for supporting our mission to advance women's AFL. Together, we're not just supporting a sport—we're empowering dreams and aspirations, shaping a brighter future for women in AFL. Here's to the Panthers, Downtown Toyota, and the boundless possibilities ahead our women's Australian Rules Football journey.

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